The Principles of Scientific Management. By Frederic Taylor.

Book format: ePub. Elibron Classics. Replica of 1911 edition by Harper & Brothers, New York and London.

ISBN 9781402172991 paperback
ISBN 9781421284590 hardcover

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  • Author(s): Frederick Taylor
  • ISBN: 9780543011114
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Product Description

The Principles of Scientific Management is a monograph published by Frederick Winslow Taylor in 1911. This influential monograph, which laid out the principles of scientific management, is a seminal text of modern organization and decision theory and has motivated administrators and students of managerial technique. Taylor was an American manufacturing manager, mechanical engineer, and then a management consultant in his later years. He is often called “The Father of Scientific Management.” His approach is also often referred to, as Taylor’s Principles, or Taylorism.


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