About Us

Elibron is a publisher of rare and out of print books and music scores.

Our goal is to offer the largest selection of important literary, scientific, artistic and musical works ever created, and make them available to our customers in a number of different formats. After having published thousands of titles over the years we started to offer some of our collection as free downloads.

Most of our books are called world heritage, we are progressively adding more titles to our catalog and also to our online collection to meet up with the ever growing demand for particular titles from our site visitors. With that said, anyone could request a specific title from us, and we will do our best to make it available for free downloads.

Your feedback is very important to us. We invite you to send us your requests and also review our books.

We add new titles as free downloads according to your requests.

Some of our books come with maps which are available as free downloads on the site. Our eBooks have so far been very helpful to researchers. The reason is that unlike other online platforms which make free downloads of books available, our books are clean with International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN). These ISBN labels make it possible for researchers to refer our books in their works.

We have also diversified our services to include music scores. Most of our music collections are so rare and can hardly be found somewhere else.

We do not authorize any commercial or public use of our books without our consent.

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