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  • 9780543574022

    Alice’s Adventures in Wo...

    Book format: epub..Elibron Classics. This is an illustrated edition.

    ISBN 9781402199936 paperback
    ISBN 9781402147364 hardcover

  • 9780543011640


    Book format: epub. Elibron Classics.
    ISBN 9780543984241 paperback
    ISBN 9780543984234 hardcover

  • 9780543573971

    King Solomon’s Mines.

    Book format: epub. Elibron Classics.
    ISBN 9780543574558 paperback
    ISBN 9780543574541 hardcover

  • 9780543014610

    Magic, White and Black,

    Elibron Classics Series. This is a digitized replica of 1886 edition by G. Redway, London. This edition contains illustrations.
    ISBN 9781402182631 paperback
    ISBN 9781402111372 hardcover

  • 9780543011503

    Oliver Twist.

    Book format: epub. This is an Elibron Classics Edition.

    ISBN 9780543738738 paperback
    ISBN 9780543738721 hardcover

  • 9780543012586

    Peter Pan.

    Book format: ePub. Elibron Classics.

    ISBN 9781402199929 paperback
    ISBN 9781402147302 hardcover

  • 9780543011664

    Robinson Crusoe.

    Book format: epub. This is an Elibron Classics edition.

    ISBN 9780543954497 paperback
    ISBN 9780543954480 hardcover

  • 9780543011688

    Sense and Sensibility.

    Book format: epubElibron Classsics Edition.

    ISBN 9780543894670 paperback
    ISBN 9780543894663 hardcover

  • 9780543574183

    Short Stories.

    Book format: epub. Elibron Classics Edition. Based on 1916 edition by Doubleday Page Company.

    ISBN 9780543896025 paperback
    ISBN 9780543896018 hardcover

  • Alexandre Dumas

    The Count of Monte Cristo.

    Book format: epub. Elibron Classics.

    ISBN 9780543574633 paperback
    ISBN 9780543574626 hardcover

  • 9780543013927

    The House of the Seven Gables....

    Book format: ePub. Elibron Classics. Digitized replica of 1913 edition by Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston and New York.

    ISBN 9780543908483 paperback
    ISBN 9780543908476 hardcover

  • 9780543011701N

    The Odyssey.

    Book format: ePubElibron Classics.

    ISBN 9781402199578 paperback
    ISBN 9781421299846 hardcover

  • 9780543010964

    The Sorrows of Satan.

    Book format: ePub. This Elibron Classics book contains the complete text of the edition published by Grosset & Dunlap, New York.
    ISBN 9780543903860 paperback
    ISBN 9780543903853 hardcover

  • 9780543012609

    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

    Book format: ePubElibron Classics.

    ISBN 9781402199837 paperback
    ISBN 9781402124297 hardcover

  • Title.indd

    Waiting for the Verdict

    This Elibron Classics title is a reprint of the original edition published by Sheldon & Co. in New York, 1868. This book is in English. This book contains 371 pages.

    ISBN 9781402161557 paperback
    ISBN 9781402130813 hardcover