The Russian Conquest of the Caucasus.

Book format: ePubElibron Classics. Digitized replica of 1908 edition by Longmans, Green, and Co., London, New York; Bombay, and Calcutta.

This is an illustrated edition.
Oversize maps are available as a free download.
ISBN 9781402185939 paperback
ISBN 9781421290645 hardcover

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  • Author(s): John Baddeley.
  • ISBN: 9780543011060
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John Frederick Baddeley (July 1854 – Oxford, 16 February 1940) was a British traveller, scholar and journalist, best known by his works on Russia and the Caucasus region.

He was educated at Wellington College, Berkshire. After visiting Russia for seven months in 1879, Baddeley became the St. Petersburg correspondent for the London Standard, and began a lifelong relationship with that country, travelling widely and writing several important books on its history. In the summer of 1900 he made his first of several journeys to Siberia and the Russian Far East. He was a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, 1902-1940.


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