Travels in the Morea. In three volumes. Volume 1

This Elibron Classics title is a reprint of the original edition published by John Murray in London, 1830. This book is in English. This book contains 549 pages.

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Table of Contents. Volume 1

Table of Contents. Volume 2

Table of Contents. Volume 3


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  • Author(s): William Martin Leake
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Travels in the Morea. In three volumes.

Ancient Greece was the foundation of the western civilization, so books on Greece are always in demand by history scholars.The book Travels in the Morea by the British scholar, historian and military officer, William Martin Leake is considered to be a comprehensive guide to Travel, Morea, History, Exploration in Morea or Peloponnese, the southern part of greece. The book is available in three volumes based on the visits of the William Leake to Morea in the year 1805 and 1806 and has comprehensive information about the topography of the region. Volume 1 of the Travel in the Morea covers the first trip of William Leake to Morea in 1805 and was published in the year 1830.

The first volume of Travels in the Morea, is based on the travel of William Leake in Morea, the History of the region and is divided into eleven different chapters, each describing a different aspect of the travel and Exploration. The first chapter describes the modern agriculture of Eleia, the second chapter describes the geography of the maritime area of Triphylia in Arkadhia district. The next few chapters are devoted to travels in the various districts and areas of Morea like Messenia to Arkadhia, Arkhadhia to Laconia. Laconia has been described in great detail, with the fifth to eighth chapter describing the different places in the area like Sparta, Kalamata, Abia.

The ninth and tenth chapter of travels in Morea are describing Messenia which has many ancient sites. Seven places mentioned in the Greek epic Illiad are located in Messenia, and the ancient topography of these places, before the conquest of the area by the Spartans is described. Produce of the district of Kalamata in Messenia is also described, along with silkworm breeding.Part of the journey from Koroni to Kalamata is undertaken by sea. The Elibron Classic title Travels in the Morea by William Martin Leake is a reprint of the original book published by John Murray in 1830 and has 549 pages . Free downloads of maps and table of contents of all three volumes are available for those who wish to check the content, before placing an order.


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