The Queen of Spades. Opera. Vocal Score. Piotr Tchaikovsky

Book format: PDF. This Elibron Classics Replica Edition is an unabridged facsimile of the edition published by P.  Jurgensun, Moscow. 255 pages.

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  • Subtitle: Text in Russian and Italian.
  • Author(s): Piotr Tchaikovsky
  • ISBN: 9780543710765
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The young soldier Gherman has two obsessions: the young lady he is in love with but whose name he does not know, and winning at cards. He quickly discovers that his beloved is Lisa, daughter of a countess known as the “Queen of Spades” because of her unfailing ability to win at cards. Gherman gains the Lisa’s affections easily enough, but his constant lyrical rhapsodies about gambling force her to wonder about his motives. Which is he more interested in-the daughter’s love or the mother’s secret…? Based on a short story by Aleksandr Pushkin, the libretto for The Queen of Spades was written by the composer in collaboration with his brother Modest.

(Russian: Пиковая дама, Pikovaya dama, French: La Dame de Pique )


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