New Guinea and Polynesia.

Book format: ePub. Elibron Classics. Replica of 1876 edition by John Murray, London.

This edition comes with a map available as a free download. This edition contains illustrations.
ISBN 9781402187988 paperback
ISBN 9781402122934 hardcover

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  • Subtitle: Discoveries and Surveys in New Guinea and the D'Entrecasteaux Islands: a Cruise in Polynesia and Visits to the Pearl-shelling Stations in Torres Straits of H.M.S. Basilisk.
  • Author(s): John Moresby.
  • ISBN: 9780543014269
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Captain John Moresby (1830 – 1922) was a British Naval Officer who explored the coast of New Guinea and discovered the site of Port Moresby. This is the account of his explorations and discoveries.


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