The Nestorians; or, The Lost Tribes.

Book format: ePub. Elibron Classics. Digitized replica of 1841 edition by John Murray, London.

ISBN 9781402189739 paperback
ISBN 9781402157035 hardcover

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  • Subtitle: Containing Evidence of Their Identity; an Account of Their Manners, Customs and Ceremonies; together with Sketches of Travel in Ancient Assyria, Armenia, Media and Mesopotamia, and Illustrations of Scripture Prophecy.
  • Author(s): Asahel Grant.
  • ISBN: 9780543014160
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Product Description

The book contains evidence of the identity of the Nestorians, an account of their manners, customs and ceremonies, together with sketches of travel in ancient Assyria, Armenia, Media, and Mesopotamia, illustration of Scripture prophecy, and appendices.
The  was a bestseller for many years.
Asahel Grant (1807-1844) was a doctor, he  supposed that this ancient Christian sect were descendants of the ten “lost tribes” of Israel (Israelites exported by the Assyrians in the 8th-century BC).


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