The Historical Geography of Asia Minor.

Book format: ePub. Elibron Classics. Replica of 1890 edition by John Murray, London.

This edition includes illustrations.
This edition comes with 6 oversize  PDF maps available as a free download.
ISBN 9781402157516 paperback
ISBN 9781402127342 hardcover

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  • Author(s): William Ramsay.
  • ISBN: 9780543013651
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Sir William Mitchell Ramsay (15 March 1851, Glasgow –20 April 1939) was a Scottish archaeologist and New Testament scholar. By his death in 1939 he had become the foremost authority of his day on the history of Asia Minor and a leading scholar in the study of the New Testament. From the post of Professor of Classical Art and Architecture at Oxford, he was appointed Regius Professor of Humanity (the Latin Professorship) at Aberdeen. Knighted in 1906 to mark his distinguished service to the world of scholarship, Ramsay also gained three honorary fellowships from Oxford colleges, nine honorary doctorates from British, Continental and North American universities and became an honorary member of almost every association devoted to archaeology and historical research. He was one of the original members of the British Academy, was awarded the Gold Medal of Pope Leo XIII in 1893 and the Victorian Medal of the Royal Geographical Society in 1906.


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