A Manual of Yacht and Boat Sailing.

Book format: ePubElibron Classics. Digitized replica of 1884 edition by Horace Cox, London.

4th edition, revised and enlarged.
This is an illustrated edition.
ISBN 9780543870278 paperback
ISBN 9780543870261 hardcover

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  • Author(s): Dixon Kemp.
  • ISBN: 9780543011183
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Dixon Kemp (1839–21 November 1899), a British naval architect, was a founder of the Yacht Racing Association (now the Royal Yachting Association) and at one time its secretary. He was a founder of Lloyd’s Register of Yachts.
The first edition of “Yacht and Boat Sailing” was published in 1878, and, whilst the general plan of that edition has been maintained in successive issues, the matter relating to yachts and sailing boats has from time to time been considerably altered or exchanged for new subjects. The instruction as to rigging a yacht, seamanship, and the general handling of vessels under sail remains much the same as originally written, but where necessary each subject has been revised and made to accord with present practice. The chapters dealing with yacht racing have also been revised, and in many instances re-written; in short, the whole work has been brought up to date and made thoroughly representative of contemporary yachting in all its branches.


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