A Life for the Tsar. Opera. Full Score. Mikhail Glinka.

Part 1. Elibron Classics, 657 pages. Book format: PDF.
Based on 1896 edition by P. Jurgenson, Moscow.

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  • Author(s): Glinka, Mikhail
  • ISBN: 9780543714756
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The original Russian libretto, based on historical events, was written by Nestor Kukolnik, Egor Fyodorovich (von) Rozen, Vladimir Sollogub and Vasily Zhukovsky. It premiered on 27 November 1836 OS (9 December NS) at the Bolshoi Kamenny Theatre in St. Petersburg. The historical basis of the plot involves Ivan Susanin, a patriotic hero of the early 17th century who gave his life in the expulsion of the invading Polish army for the newly elected Tsar Mikhail, the first of the Romanov dynasty, elected in 1613.

A Life for the Tsar (Russian: Жизнь за царя, Zhizn’ za tsarya), as it is known in English, although in Soviet times its name was Ivan Susanin (Russian: Иван Сусанин) is a “patriotic-heroic tragic opera” in four acts with an epilogue by Mikhail Glinka.


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