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Anton Bohrer, Max Bohrer. Two Duets for Violin and Cello.
Elibron Classics, 2001, 32 pages

Based on 1821 edition by Offenbach.


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Anton Bohrer (1783 - 1852),  list of works
First educated in music by his bassist father, the violinist Anton Bohrer went on to study with Danzi and Kreutzer before obtaining his first concert engagement at the age of sixteen. Together with his brother Max, who played the cello, Bohrer spent the next decade concertizing across Europe - bringing German chamber music to France, England, and Russia. (In the last named country, he was mistakenly arrested as a spy.) Eventually tiring of touring, Bohrer settled down to a regular job in Berlin; the travelling spirit hadn't entirely left him, however, because he later forsook his position in Berlin to find work in Paris and Hannover.


Max Bohrer (1785 - 1867),  list of works


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