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14 items in Metallurgy in English
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John Percy. Metallurgy. The Art of Extracting Metals from Their Ores, and Adapting Them to Various Purposes of Manufacture. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $32.99
Manuel Eissler. The Metallurgy of Silver. A Practical Treatise on the Amalgamation, Roasting, and Lixiviation of Silver Ores Including the Assaying, Meltig, and Refining of Silver Bullion. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $26.99
The Thomas Iron Company. 1854 - 1904. Chartered under the Laws of Pennsylvania. Published for Distribution to Stockholders in Commemoration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Organization of the Company. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $25.99
Henry Hibbard. Manufacture and Uses of Alloy Steels. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $23.99
Thomas West. American Foundry Practice. Treating of Loam, Dry Sand and Green Sand Moulding, and Containing a Practical Treatise upon the Management of Cupolas and the Melting of Iron. By Thomas. D. West. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $26.99
Knut Styffe. The Elasticity, Extensibility, and Tensile Strength of Iron and Steel. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $15.99
Albert Low. Technical Methods of Ore Analysis. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $26.99
Thomas Bayley. The Assay and Analysis of Iron and Steel, Iron Ores and Fuel. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $14.99
Thomas West. West's Moulders' Text-Book. Being Part II. of American Foundry Practice… By Thomas. D. West. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $29.99
Samuel Smiles. Industrial Biography: Iron Workers and Tool Makers. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $26.99
Franklin Jones. Diemaking and Die Design. A Treatise on the Design and Practical Application of Different Classes of Dies for Blanking, Bending, Forming and Drawing Sheet - Metal Parts, including Modern Diemaking Practice and Fundamental Principles of Die Construction. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $23.99
Nathaniel Lord, Dana Demorest. Metallurgical Analysis. By Nathaniel Wright Lord, and Dana J. Demorest. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $26.99
Joseph Richards. Metallurgical Calculations. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $32.99
Joshua Rose. The Pattern Maker's Assistant. Embracing Lathe Work, Branch Work, Core Work, Sweep Work and Practical Gear Construction; the Preparation and Use of Tools. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $23.99


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