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Jules Massenet. Ariane. Opera. Reduced for Piano Solo. Text in French.
Elibron Classics, 2001, 284 pages

Based on 1906 edition by Heugel & Cie, Paris.


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Jules Massenet (1842-1912),  list of works
Son of a blue-collar foundry worker, Jules Massenet rose from humble beginnings to become one of France's most popular opera composers. Early in his career, he hit upon a technique which would ensure his works' appeal; after the success of Marie-Magdaleine, Massenet penned a string of operas featuring reformed courtesans—a trend the composer's female fans adored. Privately, he confessed, "I don't believe in all that creeping-Jesus stuff, but the public likes it and we must always agree with the public." The courtesan trend ended with Thaïs; Massenet's later operas include Manon and Sapho.


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