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Anton Rubinstein. Selected Piano Pieces.
Elibron Classics, 2001, 165 pages


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Anton Grigoryevich Rubinstein (1829 - 1894),  list of works
One of the greatest Russian pianists of the nineteenth century, Anton Rubinstein was also a phenomenally prolific composer capable of dashing off whole volumes of music in a breathtakingly short period of time. Unfortunately, Rubinstein's works were not popular in his own day, owing to his inability to assimilate the quirks of Russian nationalism into his own musical style. Oddly enough, Rubinstein's greatest contributions to musical life in Russia had nothing to do with performing or composing: he was a co-founder of the St. Petersburg Conservatory of Music, and served two terms as its director.


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Instrumental Solo: Piano


Anton Rubinstein. Album de Péterhof. 12 Piano Pieces, op. 75.
Ignace Jan Paderewski. Piano Sonata in E-flat minor, op. 21.
Anton Rubinstein. Russian Capriccio (Caprice Russe), op. 102. Orchestral accompaniment arranged for a second piano.
Vladimir Rebikov. Selected Piano Pieces.
Sigismond Thalberg. Selected Piano Works. Volume 1.
Anton Rubinstein. Six Fugues for Piano. Op. 53.
Anton Rubinstein. Six Preludes for Piano, op. 24.
Anton Rubinstein. Theme and Variations for Piano, op. 88.
Anton Rubinstein. Three Piano Sonatas.
Sigismond Thalberg. Vocal Art. Masterpieces Arranged for Piano.


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