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Robert Thurston. A History of the Growth of the Steam-Engine. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $32.99
John Grantham. Iron, as a Material for Ship-building. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $23.99
T. Goodeve, Charles Shelley. The Whitworth Measuring Machine. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $15.99
Robertson Buchanan. Practical Essays on Mill Work and Other Machinery. With Notes and Additional Articles, Containing New Researches on Various Mechanical Subjects, by Thomas Tredgold,… etc. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $32.99
Sydney Barnaby. Marine Propellers. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $23.99
John Bourne. A Catechism of the Steam Engine. Illustrative of the Scientific Principles upon which its Operation Depends, and the Practical Details of its Structure, in its Applications to Mines, Mills, Steam Navigation and Railways. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $15.99
Henry Davey. The Principles, Construction, and Application of Pumping Machinery (Steam and Water Pressure). With Practical Illustrations of Engines and Pumps Applied to Mining, Town Water Supply, Drainage of Lands, etc.; also Economy and Efficiency Trials of Pumping Machinery. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $15.99
James See. Extracts from Chordal's Letters. Comprising the choicest selections from the series of articles entitled "Extracts from Chordal's Letters". Preface by the author. With original illustrations by Chas. J. Taylor. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $26.99
Richard Marsden. Cotton Weaving: Its Development, Principles and Practice. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $32.99
Burton Gray, William Stimpson. Foundry Work. A Practical Handbook on Standard Foundry Practice, Including Hand and Machine Molding; Cast Iron, Malleable Iron, Steel, and Brass Castings; Foundry Management; Etc. Revised by Burton L. Gray. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $23.99
Joseph Nasmith. Recent Cotton Mill Construction and Engineering. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $23.99
Frederick Simms. A Treatise on the Principal Mathematical Instruments Employed in Surveying, Levelling, and Astronomy. Explaining Their Construction, Adjustments, and Use. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $23.99
William Auchincloss. The Practical Application of the Slide Valve and Link Motion to Stationary, Portable, Locomotive, and Marine Engines. With New and Simple Methods for Proportioning the Parts. By William S. Auchincloss. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $23.99
John Bourne. A Treatise on the Steam Engine in its Application to Mines, Mills, Steam Navigation, and Railways. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $14.99
George Gee. The Jeweller's Assistant in the Art of Working in Gold. A Practical Treatise for Masters and Workmen, Compiled from the Experience of Thirty Years' Workshop Practice. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $23.99
John Powers. Reducing Friction. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $14.99
Andrew Gray. A Treatise on Spinning Machinery. Illustrated with Plans of Different Machines Made Use of in That Art, from the Spindle and Distaff of the Ancients to the Machines Which Have Been Invented or Improved by the Moderns. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $15.99
Franklin Jones. Mechanisms and Mechanical Movements. A Treatise on Different Types of Mechanisms and Various Methods of Transmitting, Controlling and Modifying Motion, to Secure Changes of Velocity, Direction, and Duration or Time of Action. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $23.99
William Turnbull. A Treatise on the Strength, Flexure, and Stiffness of Cast Iron Beams and Columns. Shewing Their Fitness to Resist Transverse Strains, Torsion, Compression, Tension, and Impulsion; with Tables of Constant. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $23.99
Robert Ball. Mechanics. By Robert Stawell Ball. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $23.99
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