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John Fahie. A History of Wireless Telegraphy, 1838-1899. Including Some Bare-Wire Proposals for Subaqueous Telegraphs. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $26.99
Arthur Kennelly. The Application of Hyperbolic Functions to Electrical Engineering Problems. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $23.99
Dyer. Intensity Coils: How Made and How Used. With a Description of the Electric Light, Electric Bells, Electric Motors, the Telephone, the Microphone, and the Phonograph. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $23.99
Silvanus Thompson. The Manufacture of Light. A Lecture delivered at the meeting of the British association at York. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $14.99
William Harris. On the Nature of Thunderstorms; and on the Means of Protecting Buildings and Shipping against the Destructive Effects of Lightning. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $15.99
David Salomons. Electric Light Installations and the Management of Accumulators. A Practical Handbook. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $17.99
Alfred Still. Alternating Currents of Electricity and the Theory of Transformers. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $23.99
John Urquhart. Electro-Motors. A Treatise on the Means and Apparatus Employed in the Transmission of Electrical Energy and Its Conversion into Motive Power. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $23.99
Walter Polakov. Mastering Power Production. The Industrial, Economic and Social Problems Involved and Their Solution. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $29.99
James Shoolbred. Electric Lighting and Its Practical Application. With Results from Existing Examples. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $23.99
Charles Shepherd. On the Application of Electro-magnetism as a Motor for Clocks. Elibron Classics. eBook: $9.95. Paperback: $15.99
Charles Smith. Electric and Magnetic Measurements. Elibron Classics. Paperback: $26.99


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